Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Britney Spears - I Wanna Go Remix will be featured?

We've already heard rumour about Katy Perry jumping on the remix of "I Wanna Go" may have been uncomplete but Britney will remix her new single with everyone else

Britney is gonna take the Bollywood theme to the remix by featuring a famous Bollywood Indian singer named Sonu Nigam. Britney revealed the news to Desi Hits, she said,

"I'm so excited about having Sonu on 'I Wanna Go', his vocals add such a different feel, which I love! Watch out Bollywood - it's Britney and Sonu!"

Suppose it may sound cool, no release date or anything has been revealed yet. Britney last went Bollywood on the remix to her 2003 hit "Me Against The Music" from her "In The Zone" album, and that was not bad at all. So look out for Britney and Sonu soon bitches !!!.

Update: the audio is now out, you can listen below, its ok, I dont think this will be good on chart". Enjoy !!

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