Friday, April 29, 2011

Princess Diana

Princess Diana was born on the first of July 1961, in her parent’s house. Diana’s parents, the Spencer’s, had hoped for a boy. When Diana was born her parents were very surprised. They hadn’t even picked out a girls name, so Diana didn’t have a name until a week after she was born. She says “I was the girl who was supposed to be a boy”. When Diana grew up to be a lady she told her family she wanted to be the Princess of Wales. Her dreams came true. Princess Diana had a wonderful life.

When Diana grew up she met a lovely man, the one man she always wanted to meet. While she was at school she would put his picture by her bed. Once she met him they started off as friends but soon it was love. On February the 3rd of 1981 Prince Charles asked Diana at Buckingham Palace to be his wife. The engagement ring had a sapphire and fourteen diamonds around it! The wedding plans started. Diana’s dress had a twenty five foot long train. The wedding was a traditional wedding at St. Paul's Cathedral. The wedding was the wedding of the decade. Three thousand people watched the wedding. Over 750 million watched worldwide this fairy tale wedding.

Soon Prince William and Prince Henry were born. Prince William was born on June 21, 1982 and Prince Henry was born September 15, 1984. Diana loved her kids dearly and wanted to spend lots of time together. It was expected that Prince Henry and Prince William would have a nanny. Diana broke that rule and spent a lot of time with her boys. Diana was a new kind of princess. She did not like all the rules that were expected of her from the royals. She disobeyed them. Princess Diana soon realized that she didn’t like being told what to do.

Princess Diana wasn’t happy being with Prince Charles. She decided to get a divorce from him. She didn’t want it to hurt the boys but decided it would be best. Charles told Diana that he wasn’t in love with her. Queen Elizabeth was very disappointed with the news. Diana said once talking to her people “Now that I am no longer married to Prince Charles I will never be Queen of this country. But I’d rather do good deeds and be queen of your hearts”. When Diana got divorced from Prince Charles she got an allowance because now she wasn’t royalty. Diana auctioned off 79 dresses, gowns and clothes and raised over 3.25 million dollars. With this money, Diana was able to work for the charities and programs she was working with while being the people’s princess.


Princess Diana helped people with HIV and AIDS. Diana once went up to a person with Aids and gave a huge hug. She wasn’t worried at all about getting Aids or HIV. She shook hands with many people with AIDS, victims of land mines and sick people, again she didn’t worry about getting a cold because she knew these people needed some love. Diana said that “the worst illness of our times is that so many people have to suffer from never being loved”. Children loved Diana because they thought she was beautiful and so kind and Diana loved them. She spent much of her time visiting homeless people.

She also helped with landmines. Princess Diana helped stop people using and distributing landmines. She even got rid of a landmine when she was in Angola. She tells people landmines are very dangerous, a little child may be walking in a field to go and get his family some water when he steps on a landmine and the bomb blows up. Landmines hurt the child because they may kill him or her or can hurt him or her severely. Princess Diana said we must stop putting landmines out there. There are still landmines from World War 1 and World War 2. Landmines have killed more than I million people since 1975.

Diana found anew love. His name was Dodi Fayed. He was a rich man. His family owns the Ritz palace. The Ritz palace is a very expensive luxury hotel.

On August 31st 1997 Dodi proposed to Princess Diana. She said yes. The couple were so happy, they decided to go back to Dodis apartment in Paris. They left the back way from the hotel while the paparazzo was in the front of the building waiting for the couple to get into the limo. That night the car went down into the Alma tunnel in Paris and their car crashed. Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed died in the car crash. Diana and Dodi were rushed to the hospital immediately but the doctors could do nothing, Diana and Dodi were dead. Detectives said that the driver was “drunk as a pig”.

The second time the doctors looked at the dead body of the driver they realized they’d missed some things. They found that the driver had been taking anti-depressant drugs. In the news they said that Onre Paul, the driver of the car, was an alcoholic but tests showed he was normal. To this day they still don’t know if the blood was really Onre Paul’s blood. There are many theories on how the accident happened. Some thought Diana faked her death, the couple was murdered, the royal family killed Dina and Dodi Fayed, the driver was drunk and driving or that it was just an accident.

The people were very upset. They put flowers in the front gate of the Kensington palace. Thousands of flowers were put around the gate of her home. Diana’s funeral was at Westminster Abbey at 11a.m, September 6, 1997. Many famous people, politicians, film directors, singers, people who worked with Diana, the royal family and many more were at her funeral. Princess Diana was buried on an island close to where she lived while she was little. While the car drove to the island, the streets were surrounded by people throwing flowers on the car.

Diana was one of the most famous women of the 20th century. She was known for her charity work, her love that spread. People love that they can relate to Princess Diana. Princess Diana lived for 36 years, in those 36 years Diana had a fairy tale life except there was no happily ever after.

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