Sunday, March 29, 2009

mY FavReT AlBum This WeeK

Kelly Clarkson - All I Ever Wanted

i very LOVed thiS aLbum.. i DowNLoads iT wHen ThE FirsT tIme iT leaKed in InterNet on 8 MarcH 2009 ..I Give 4star fOr ThiS aLbum.....kElly Delivered hEr RoCks TuNes VerY wEll....EspEciallY on the song Don't Let Me Stop You.....The First singLe from This aLbum is My Life Would Sucks Without You..iT's Similar with hEr pAst RecorD...Since U Been Gone....The seCoNd singLe is I Do Not Hook Up....Katy Perry Cover......( From Her
EP Myspace album)...iT is A gReat Song tOo....My FaVrEt Track on This AlbUm is Already Gone....i Very love tHis sOng....The Song ProdUced bY Ryan Tedder(One Republic)...aNd Im ReaLLy HopE This Song WiLL Be thE tHird sIngLe fRom Her albUm..cOs iT's a Great sOng aNd MelodY....theN, i Guess, the FouRtH singLe is Don't Let Me Stop You....and i ThinK it'S siMilar wiTh Behind The Hazel Eyes on her past album.and ThEn oNe mOre Song FroM Katy Perry EP called Long's Very GreAt Song a aNd i tHiNk Kelly sInG moRe BeTTer tHan Katy on ThAt sOnG ...other sOng also reaLly greAt like If I Cant Have You, Save You, All I Ever Wanted, Imposibble and moRe..thIs is thE Must Have Album For This Year in yOuR this album now...

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